Alnwick Project Delivery, Inc. is a specialized multidisciplinary business working with Owners to bring to successful conclusion their planned construction projects. We offer a broad range of services that are tailored to the unique requirements of each individual project, with a primary focus on the execution phases of the work.

Our Company is intentionally organized as a small business, to allow the Principal to be directly involved in all aspect of the work for the duration of each assignment.

In recent years the Alnwick team has acted as Owner's Representative for a number of clients. Please see the listing of projects.

The range of services provided covers:

Participation in the design development phase including element constructability and value engineering suggestions;
Development of the baseline schedule and periodic updating if not provided by the contractor;
Construction phasing strategies;
Preparation and maintenance of the project budget, including a budget master check list for dollar exposure for peripheral items;
Construction award strategy, including bid list, bidder prequalification, bid review and contractor selection;
Management of the Contract development and negotiation with successful contractors;
Project administration, including facilitating Architect/Owner/Contractor communication, project accounting; change orders review; and insurance review;
With the architect and constructors, participate and manage development of the punch list and rectification of all items;
Participation with Owner's move-in requirements; and
Project close-out and receipt of Certificate of Occupancy.