About us: Who We Are

Mr. Ken Percy, CEO

Mr. Percy has grown Alnwick Project Delivery, Inc. from a rich heritage of varied construction projects. Ken formed Alnwick Project Delivery, Inc. (APD) and is the Chief Executive Officer. He has represented Owners on a wide range of projects both in New York City and elsewhere. The variety of these projects span complex museum galleries through restaurant and theatre constructions to straightforward office build-outs, data center upgrades; and climate controlled storage facilities; interior fit-out as well as core and shell.

With a wealth of professional experience derived from 25-years in senior management positions, he has consistently delivered on challenging projects. Whether it is MoMA, the World Trade Center Memorial Museum or Brooklyn's General Post Office and Courthouse rehabilitation through launching Puerto Rico's "Tren Urbano" rail transit system to buildings at Canary Wharf or the new "Crown Jewels" exhibition at the Tower of London, the projects Ken has managed have required an understanding of the whole project need supported by the managerial, professional, technical and soft skills required to achieve success.

Ken has a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from Liverpool John Moore's University.

Mr. Chandi Sanyal
Mr. Sanyal has held senior technical positions for several large construction management firms and cost consultant firms in the tri-state area during his career. We are please to have his technical support at Alnwick Project Delivery, Inc., where his experience as a cost analyst and pre-construction service professional spans a wide range of projects for various types of clients. His significant professional experience and dedication to client satisfaction is well known by all of his colleagues. Chandi has a bachelors degree in civil engineering.
Mr. Mark Mahamedi
Mr. Mahamedi serves as a technical advisor to Alnwick Project Delivery, Inc. With over 20 years of experience in developing and building commercial construction projects in New York, Mark brings invaluable knowledge and insight to TCO and early occupancy strategies as they directly correlate with the Owner's ability to get the building's life-safety systems fully operational and signed-off. Mark is recognized for his hand-on teamwork approach as a means to empower each member of the project team to achieve the highest industry standards. Mark holds an MBA in Finance with a BS degree in Electrical Engineering.
Mr. John Ditinyak
Mr. Ditinyak serves as a scheduling adviser for Alnwick Project Delivery, Inc. He has nearly thirty years of planning and scheduling experience in a wide range of projects from commercial construction and engineering projects through public and institutional buildings. Developing the schedule from design activities through procurement, construction and start-up to hand-over, John's knowledge in linking activities to show their critical relationships is for successful project management. With fluid proficiency in several types of scheduling software, Mr. Ditinyak prepares the project baseline schedule, provides critical path analysis and project progress reporting and, depending on project needs, develops cost loaded schedules for earned value requisition payments.
Mr. William R. McAuliffe
Mr. McAuliffe is an experienced Superintendent who provides Alnwick Project Delivery, Inc. with additional field support (when required) in busy phases of the work, or for specific MEP installations. Bill has a 20-year record of successfully overseeing challenging building services projects which include infrastructure for government buildings, universities and the private sector. Experienced in coordinating MEP systems and equipment installations with ongoing architectural work he is able to foresee potential issues, thus allowing the schedule to be maintained and existing facilities kept operational during major mechanical equipment switch over activities.